Lake County Funders Calls

Since March 2020, The Lake County Community Foundation has been hosting monthly calls with a broad group of local and regional funders. What started as a way to convene and quickly respond during the COVID-19 crisis, has morphed into an ongoing education series that informs members of community needs and coordinates local investments through an equity lens.

Our goal is to further engage our philanthropic partners through inclusive and meaningful dialogue to directly effect change within the sector. Areas of focus will include:

  • A continuation of our Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) discussion series to incorporate the principles and practices required to being an equity-forward institution.
  • Share action oriented ideas and innovation for community centric philanthropy in Lake County.
  • Forging public-private partnerships to address root causes of systemic inequity in Lake County.

The Lake County Funders Calls are for philanthropists investing in Lake County who want to learn together to shift Lake County’s philanthropic sector to be bolder, more collaborative and community centric.

Want to join the calls? Email Courtney Combs, Director of Strategy & Community Impact, at [email protected]


  1. Create a culture of authenticity and learning (a safe space to talk about equity journeys and learn from one another)
  2. Inform members on community issues through grassroots efforts and/or data-driven approaches
  3. Educate group on Racial Equity Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) topics with applicable methods for philanthropy
        Session Topics

        • Community centric philanthropy
        • Racial equity in philanthropy
        • Shifting an organization toward equity
        • Including the board of directors in an organization's equity journey
        • Community centric culture, practices, procedures and policies
        • Asset-based language
        • Philanthropy's role in equitable systemic change
        • Data driven approach in philanthropy

        Have Suggestions? Email Courtney Combs: [email protected]

        Criteria for Speakers

        • Local philanthropic organizations and foundations implementing equity work willing to share authentic experiences, insight and 'aha moments' of the work
        • Speakers who are of the community, directly or indirectly impacted by issues and/or have data driven, innovative ideas for decreasing systemic disparities
        • Speakers with experience and expertise on equity-focused innovation

        Interested in speaking? Email Courtney Combs, Director of Strategy & Community Impact: [email protected]

        Past Resources


        Interested in joining the group or speaking at an upcoming Lake County Funders call? Contact Courtney Combs, Director of Strategy & Community Impact: [email protected].