The Together Lake County (TLC) Fund

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The Together Lake County (TLC) Fund supports community partners and residents from around the county under the umbrella of Live Well Lake County (LWLC) Network. This community-led coalition of over 60 different organizations works to improve the health and well-being of Lake County community members.

The Live Well Lake County Network is committed to including and centering the voices of community members throughout this process, especially those from communities hardest hit by health inequities. Network members work together to better understand how factors like housing, education and access to physical and mental healthcare affect opportunities for health in Lake County, and what we need to do to make health a reality for all.

To make a difference in these key areas, we need to work together to change the policies, systems, and environments that impact health. This work is hard and expensive, but by collaborating on plans, listening and learning from one another, and pooling our resources across organizations, we can make sure that LWLC’s efforts succeed. 

We’ve never done something like this before in Lake County. This is the first-time funds have been pooled together and made available to LWLC Network partners to support innovative, community-led efforts that uplift opportunities for health for all. Please join us— together, we can build a healthier Lake County.

The Lake County Community Foundation started the Together Lake County Fund through a generous gift from the Grainger Foundation.

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The TLC Fund shall be used for the benefit of organizations and individuals working to promote the health and well-being of those who live, learn, work and play in Lake County. This includes, but is not limited to, activities associated with Live Well Lake County and Lake County’s Community Health Improvement Plan.

Funded Initiatives
  • Participation stipends for Lake County residents
  • Trainings for LWLC Network members
  • Sponsoring community events or projects related to the priorities of LWLC
General Protocol

  • The Live Well Lake County Network Leadership Team is responsible for reviewing and approving funding requests on a monthly basis.
  • Resident volunteers who are involved with the Live Well Lake County Network may work with their Action Team Co-leaders or a member of the Leadership Team to secure participant stipend.
  • Sponsorships for trainings, community events or Network related to projects can be provided to nonprofit partner organizations located in or serving the residents of Lake County. All nonprofit partners must be in good standing with the IRS at the time the grant is made.
Action Team Participant Stipends

  • Stipends are offered for community residents who are participating on one or more of the Action Teams through Live Well Lake County.
  • Action Team members are compensated at $20 per hour. Action Team Co-leaders are compensated at $25 per hour.
  • Stipends may be used to support participation in meetings, LWLC related events and implementation of selected Action Team strategies.
Additional information regarding the TLC fund usage can be found below.

TLC Fund Usage Guidelines

Donations may be made:
  • By Credit Card
    To make a credit card contribution online  click here, or use the "Donate Today" buttons.
  • By Check
    If you wish to make a gift by check, please make your check payable to: "The Lake County Community Foundation" and reference “Together Lake County Fund” in the memo line.

    Mail your check to
    1200 University Center Drive, Suite 333
    Grayslake, IL 60030

  • Other
    Please contact Wendy Richter, Director of Donor Services & Operations, at [email protected] to request the Foundation’s gifting instructions should you wish to make a wire transfer or gift of stock.

Questions? Please contact Maggie Morales, Executive Director, at [email protected]