Live Well Lake County Network

Art of Martha Eliot Health Center, Jamaica Plain, MA

Formed in 2011, Live Well Lake County (LWLC) is a community-led coalition of over 60 different organizations and more than 150 partners working to improve the health and well-being of those who live, learn, work and play in Lake County. This is Lake County's largest collective impact initiative to advance health equity.

LWLC works together to better understand how factors like housing, education, and access to physical and mental healthcare affect opportunities for health in Lake County, and what we need to do to make health a reality for all. LWLC involves and centers the voices of community members throughout this process, especially those from communities hardest hit by health inequities. The Network is comprised of representatives from a variety of community-based organizations, government agencies, health care systems and academic institutions.

For years, the network has been instrumental in developing the Lake County Health Department's Department’s Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Priority areas for the 2022 CHIP include access to physical and mental healthcare, education and housing. LCCF's Executive Director, Maggie Morales and Lake County Community Development Administrator, Brenda O'Connell serve as the Network Co-chairs helping to drive this critical work while prioritizing community issues and shaping data-driven strategies to promote positive social change for all of Lake County.

As a part of the Live Well Lake County Network's efforts to increase resident volunteer engagement, The Lake County Community Foundation started the Together Lake County (TLC) Fund to pool resources to support the work of Live Well Lake County. Live Well Lake County and the Together Lake County Fund are long-term strategies for improving the health and well-being of everyone in Lake County. 

This is the first time funds will be pooled together and made available to LWLC Network to support innovative, community-led efforts that uplift opportunities for health for all. Please join us— together, we can build a healthier Lake County.

Thank you to the Grainger Foundation for their generous gift to launch the Together Lake County (TLC) Fund.

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Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) & Community Health Assessment (CHA)


Questions? Please contact Maggie Morales, Executive Director, at [email protected].