Strengthening the Sector

Increasing Capacity in Lake County Non-Profits
Lake County Community Foundation is committed to investing in high quality, accessible and relevant non-profit collaborations and opportunities to better support Lake County’s service sector and better serve our community through collective impact.

Lake County Community Foundation Coalition Involvement

Alliance for Human Services

A powerful coalition of individuals and organizations committed to continuously improving the quality of human services available in Lake County, Illinois. 

Lake County Coalition for the Homeless

A coalition of stakeholders collaborating to eliminates homelessness in Lake County through the provision of leadership in the areas of assessment, advocacy, and community education

Lake County Together

A forum for Lake County leaders focusing on learning about and discussing how to collectively improve the health and quality of life of all Lake County residents.  

Leadership Development

Lake County Community Foundation's financial commitment to investment in coalition building and collaboration for projects and opportunities that benefit Lake County’s greater nonprofit sector, rather than individual nonprofit organizations solely.

Live Well Lake County

A collaboration between representatives from a variety of community based organizations, government agencies, health care systems, and academic institutions to guide the community health assessment process, prioritize community issues, and collaborate with one another and other partners to take action and improve the overall health and well-being of all who live, learn, work, and play in Lake County.

Partnership for a Safer Lake County

 A group of over 30 organizations and individuals committed to creating a multi-faceted human abuse network that will combat child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, LGBTQ crimes, domestic violence, and more.