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Robert F. Reusché, Lake County resident and LCCF founder, knew Lake County needed a permanent charitable resource to support neighbors in his community. LCCF was born from this vision in 2003 when a group of community leaders came together to establish The Lake County Community Foundation.

In order to ensure LCCF would be supported in perpetuity, Bob generously left a $1 million legacy gift in his will to establish the Robert F. Reusché Operating Endowment. He knew that this “forever fund,” which generates annual support for LCCF operations, would help ensure there would be sufficient resources to support LCCF’s mission for generations to come. Today, Bob’s charitable legacy continues, and thanks to the generosity of other donors, LCCF’s endowment has grown to over $8.5 million.

When you give to LCCF’s operating endowment, your gift has a lasting impact in the Lake County community, ensuring LCCF has the capacity to serve our neighbors for generations to come. 

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What is an Endowment?
An endowment is a permanent investment fund that generates returns that are then used to support the operations of an organization in perpetuity. Carefully managed with investment and usage policies, endowments are especially common with colleges and universities, hospitals, churches and community foundations, and have been used as a reliable source of annual income by these kinds of institutions for hundreds of years.

Because community foundations play a key role in identifying and addressing community issues, pooling the financial resources of individuals, families and organizations to drive positive change, they are uniquely positioned to manage and support this invaluable giving vehicle.

Interested in solidifying your family’s legacy in Lake County similarly to Bob Reusché? Consider creating a named operating endowment of your own today or in your estate plans.  Or, help build on the community resource that Bob started and contribute to the Reusché Operating Endowment.

LCCF staff can help you create an endowment that will meet your expectations and support the causes you care most about, now and forever. Contact Maria at 847-377-0520 x21 or [email protected] for donation information or to learn more.