Transform your Passion into Impact

LCCF is here to assist anyone giving in Lake County, whether through our organization or on your own. We can help connect you to the causes you are most passionate about, provide resources to make the process easier, and ensure your family is involved for the future.

Connector and Convenor

LCCF is uniquely positioned to utilize public, private and nonprofit networks to leverage resources and magnify collective impact. By fostering collaboration, we maximize the efficacy of services to drive meaningful, sustainable change.

  • Established trust and leadership within the philanthropic sector
  • Access to robust professional, private and cross-sector networks
  • Equipped with tools, resources and existing spaces for philanthropic education and
  • Facilitate community engagement among a broad range of causes and initiatives
  • Exposure to other foundations through our philanthropic collaborations

Localized Knowledge

LCCF brings a comprehensive, community-centric understanding of the multifaceted challenges in Lake County, allowing for holistic solutions that target root causes of intersecting community issues. Partners we work with have an enhanced understanding of community needs, ensuring informed decisions are made when investing philanthropic dollars for maximum impact.
  • Relationships with non-profits, funders, business, and community initiatives
  • Knowledge of regional coordination efforts
  • Insights on evolving community priorities
  • Focus on the long-term, big-picture strategy
  • Local, committed and passionate staff and volunteers

Partners For Lasting Investment

As the only permanent community foundation serving the entirety of Lake County, we can help you create long-lasting, intergenerational impact within our community. We offer a variety of philanthropic services, ensuring that your family's name, influence and philanthropic vision remain intertwined with the community for generations to come. We specialize in fund management and personalized gift planning, allowing you to establish a meaningful and enduring legacy of giving.
  • Grantmaking partnerships
  • Flexible and personalized giving vehicles - Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), Endowment Funds, Designated Funds, Fields of Interest Funds
  • Efficient and effective administration assistance
  • Philanthropic advising
  • Succession planning support