Community Investment

Pooling Resources for the Greatest Good
Since 2004, The Lake County Community Foundation has partnered with donors and nonprofits to address Lake County’s most pressing needs. As a community foundation, our grant making differs from other philanthropic organizations and largely depends upon the source of the funds we receive. The Foundation awards three types of grants. Click here to learn more about whether your organization qualifies for funding.

Proactive Grant Making – Access to affordable, nutritious food
With an emphasis on being both proactive to opportunities in the community that advance its mission and responsive to urgent needs, the Foundation will focus on making measurable impact on high priority issues with its limited available funding and additional resources.
Based on a comprehensive analysis of community needs, the Foundation has identified access to affordable, nutritious food as its proactive funding priority for the next three years.

The Foundation will strategically support the coordination of a comprehensive local food system. Grant funds will be prioritized for organizations that have the capacity to:

    •  Coordinate existing local efforts
    •  Inform local food policy
    •  Reduce the prevalence of food deserts
    •  Promote and support local, sustainable food production
  • Two teenage girls making fruit kabobs with a big smile

Grants supporting access to affordable, nutritious food are by invitation only.

Basic Human Needs Grant Making
Since its inception, The Lake County Community Foundation has prioritized improving the quality of life for Lake County’s most vulnerable residents by addressing their basic human needs. We believe Lake County’s basic human needs can be met when everyone has equitable access to:

    •  Affordable, nutritious food
    •  Affordable, comprehensive health care
    •  Safe and affordable housing
    •  Transportation
    •  Education and workforce opportunities
    •  Immigration and legal support services
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The Foundation’s goal is to support work that allows people who are disproportionately affected by lack of access to obtain support in several areas of extreme need through wrap around services, continuum of care, or close collaborations with other providers.

Donor Advised Grant Making
Grants made from donor advised funds housed at The Lake County Community Foundation are typically awarded at the discretion of the fund’s donor advisor. In this case, the donor advisor recommends to us a grant of a specific amount to a specific nonprofit organization. The Foundation performs due diligence, and if approved, issues the grant check with a letter stating the donor’s name and outlining any requirements and/or contingencies.

For questions about the Foundation’s grant making and community investment work, please contact Emily Weber at [email protected]