District 103 Learning Fund


The Learning Fund Foundation is an independent, collaborative, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, led by a volunteer Board, to raise additional financial resources for School District 103 and serve as a catalyst for innovation, enrichment and educational excellence.

Since its inception in 1996, the Foundation has raised over $1 million in funding for programs that help enable teachers and administrators in District 103 fulfill the commitment to provide students with the highest standards of educational excellence and continuous improvements.

The Foundation focuses its support toward the following goals:

Advancing student development:
• Promote activities to strengthen student readiness for further education and lifelong success.
• Support unique initiatives for the enhancement of educational excellence.
• Provide resources for educational needs not associated with the fiscal responsibility of District 103.

Development of a comprehensive program of funding resources:
• Encourage community involvement to support District 103 students.
• Seek resources from diverse public funding and private philanthropy.
• Provide a vehicle for contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations.

Creation of school, business and community partnerships to support the work of District 103:
• Promote community awareness about the Foundation and its programs.
• Facilitate cooperative ventures throughout District 103.
• Collaborate in outreach to alumni.

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